My name is Noe’ and i am HIV positive. I can’t do anything about it.IT does not mean my life is over, not by a long shot.I am just like everyone else in my need to love and hold a partner with out the fear of giving them my disease. I’ve had friends and plenty of partners until i told them i was HIV positive. I take one pill a day i stay healthy, striving to do everything I can to fight. Funny thing is, when you think you’re dying, you seem to start to get your life together in a good way. I need someone that I could put my arms around and be intimate with, someone to be in love with, and I need to be able to do that without them avoiding my kisses and touch. Some of us have met this infection by a blood transfusion, a cheating lover or by sharing a needle.

Whatever the avenue, we are not alone, and must face the fact that we have it and live with it daily. This is why I started” Poz Dating for Christians”. I intend for it to be a safe place for people with HIV to be able to come and share their world with other people who have HIV. This is open to everyone that has a open mind and understanding about HIV/AIDS. We are not here to spread the disease, but find someone to love. This should make life easier for the two of you and will give you back the intimacy of loving, hugging and kissing someone again, removing the lonely filling. I know what you are going through and you know what I’m going through, so why not be a part of a friendship or relationship and go through this together. In today’s world the possibility of a cure is close, but we must keep on living until that cure is found. We can live in happiness and leave behind those feelings of being sad and alone. I have discovered I am not alone. I have friends who have sat at home, took their medication and stayed away from the world just like I did. I am taking a stand against being lonely once and for all. We all have a right to search for love. No matter if I am HIV positive or not.No matter if I am gay,straight,bi,or transgender. I have a right to love and be loved and pursue my happiness.



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